A Growing Glossary of Terms to Know

1. Freedmen’s Bureau — “What?!” You might say. “There was once an entire government agency — at the cabinet level no less — dedicated to promoting legal protections, voting rights, family reunification, education, and jobs for Black people, not to mention a mandate to end domestic terrorism by groups such…

A Growing Glossary of Terms You Should Know

Click here for Part 1–1619 Project to Colorism

  1. Convict Leasing — A widespread practice throughout the south in the post-Reconstruction era, Convict Leasing was represented by a dark collaboration between formal law enforcement and informal domestic terrorist groups such as the KKK (often the same men who wore badges during…

A Glossary for Racial Justice Education (read this before talking to that uncle of yours).

I’m VERY sympathetic to the recent critique that “When black people are bleeding in the streets, white people start book clubs.” The pain point being that while black, indigenous, and people of color are literally dying as a result of racism, white people are gathering together in comfy chairs, drinking…

10 things to consider in order to check your privilege

As part of my “Checklist” series, this is a practical checklist for those of us with white privilege to use while engaging in tough conversations, whether one-to-one or within a group.

I’ve compiled this series of lists after facilitating trainings, workshops, and discussions around race, equity, and inclusion. This checklist…

In 2019 I wrote a series about a global viral pandemic, MAGA insurrectionists and Christian extremists targeting allies for racial justice.

No One Wants to Be Right About Catastrophe

The Greeks knew that to see the future and be ignored is not a superpower; it is a curse. That was the crux Cassandra’s suffering. …

And what it has to do with conversations about Racial Justice.

Do I do it? Why is it bad?

In my role as a facilitator, panelist, and writer, on issues of racial justice, I’ve been witness to some of the dysfunctions, personal and institutional, at the front lines of this work. Most of the time, my focus is on white and privileged communities. …

Ted Neill

I’m a writer because I’m terrible at math and would make a lousy astrophysicist. I cover social/racial justice, politics, mental health, and global health.

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